PTFE Coated Fiberglass Peel Plies

These products are made of fine weave fiberglass, coated in PTFE, for easy release. They also have high temperature capabilities.

Release Ease 234 TFP . Porous, .003. (75m) 04a_re_fa.pdf
Release Ease 234TFP-HP . Porous, .003. (75m) 04b_re_fa.pdf
Release Ease 234TFP-1 . Porous, .001. (25m) 04c_re_fa.pdf
Release Ease 234TFNP . Non-Porous, .003. (75m) 04d_re_fa.pdf
Release Ease 236TFNP . Non-Porous, .006. (150m) 04e_re_fa.pdf