"High-Tech" Peel Plies
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We offer several types of peel plies for high temperature and pressure environments. They are designed to remove easily after cure, leaving a bondable and/or paintable surface.

Release Ply A – Nylon peel ply 01a_re_fa.pdf
Release Ply Super A – Heavy duty version of Release Ply A 01b_re_fa.pdf
Release Ply B – Fine weave nylon 01c_re_fa.pdf
Release Ply C – Fine weave polyester 01d_re_fa.pdf
Release Ply F – Polyester peel ply 01e_re_fa.pdf
Release Ply Super F – Heavy duty version of Release Ply F 01f_re_fa.pdf
Release Ply G – Polyester peel ply 01g_re_fa.pdf
Ultraply 22T – “Stretch” weave peel ply 01h_re_fa.pdf
Stitch Ply G – Nylon, with black tracers for after cure identification 01i_re_fa.pdf
Release Agent Coated
Bleeder Lease A – Release Agent Coated 02a_re_fa.pdf
Bleeder Lease B – Release Agent Coated 02b_re_fa.pdf
Bleeder Lease G – Release Agent Coated 02e_re_fa.pdf
Superlease Blue – Release Agent Coated 02f_re_fa.pdf