"Cheapest" Peel Plies

Our "Econo" peel plies are "first" quality for your impression fabric needs. These inexpensive products are strong and ready for use to surface a variety of composite and rubber surfaces.

Econoply J - Fine weave, white 03_re_fa.pdf
Econoply E - Heavier version of Econoply J 05_re_fa.pdf
Econostitch® - White with red tracer threads for easy identification after use 07_re_fa.pdf
Econostitch® G - Economical peel ply wiht black tracers 06c_re_fa.pdf
Econolease - Release agent treated for easy release 06_re_fa.pdf

These products can be ordered online in a special small quantity size at www.airtechintl.com. Click the "Online Store" tab and proceed to Peel Plies. To visit our complete line of "Econo" vacuum bagging products, visit our Online Store at www.airtechintl.com.